DUFI was formerly the collaboration of artists Fin Macrae and Alister MacInnes, but now solely Fin Macrae. Based in the Scottish Highlands, Fin has had extensive experience having worked on both art projects and commissions. Formed in 2004, DUFI has a passion for stencil, street and urban art.

Initially influenced by the works of artists and designers such as Banksy, Kinsey, Sagmeister and Shepard Fairey, DUFI continues to work on both community and artist led projects. DUFI passionately develops and explores alternative forms of art derived from traditional street graphics, in both two dimensional and three dimensional forms.

DUFI’s enthusiasm, originality and freshness are intrinsic to the development and completion of finished artworks. Key to DUFI is the provision of a creative solution that engages the client and end-user with a sense of value and ownership. This, with DUFI’s professional and open-minded attitude, brings art that is accessible, inspirational and unique.

DUFI has a wide range of experience working with community groups and public consultation and extensive professional experience working with architects, planners, contractors and other creative industries.