Wise Guys

Highland Print Studio received funding from Age Scotland and High Life Highland to provide workshops for older men who fancied trying something a bit different. The Studio put a call out to men over 50 who hadn’t tried anything artistic before, but who were interested in trying a bit of printmaking.

When promoting the classes we emphasized that printmaking techniques involve a mixture of skills and machinery that are both modern and traditional. That there was no need to be able to draw, because marks can be made in a variety of ways from cutting and carving through to photography. The emphasis was to provide a relaxed and sociable environment for people to learn new skills.

At the time of the ‘Wise Guys’ search, Alison McMenemy, Director of Highland Print Studio said, “We received this funding specifically to work with older men because research shows that older men have difficulty finding activities that are appealing to them. We’re hoping that printmaking and its emphasis on working with materials, tools and equipment, might be the thing that gets their creative juices flowing!”

We had two groups of men participating in weekly Wise Guys classes from Jan 2013 – September 2013 and we have a current class which is running for the next six months.