This year, the Studio once again took part in The 20:20 Print Exchange and we managed to get 20 members to participate and complete their own batch of 20:20 prints. We had such a unique range of final prints this year and we couldn’t be more proud!

The Exchange was started  in 2009 with 10 artist from Hot Bed press in Salford who exchanged 10 from Red Hot Press in Southampton. It has since outgrown these humble beginnings and is now enormous. Currently over 60,000 prints have been exchanged. Each participating artist receives a unique box of randomly selected prints from across the UK, Ireland, and this year, studios in Hong Kong and Canada.

The 20:20 Print Exchange consisted of several Studios recruiting members to take place and produce an edition of 25 prints, measuring 20x20cm – that includes 20 prints for the exchange between artists and 4 for boxes that go to studios. Leaving the last print to go to Hot Bed Press, so that the entire collection of prints can tour internationally during the year before the next exchange takes places. You can find more information about the exchange here.

We hope to take part again in the Exchange this year but will keep everyone posted on that but for now, we decided to share with everyone the 20 amazing prints that were created by members here in the Studio.

Lynne Strachan

Clive Brandon

Derek Flyn

Emma Grady

Heather Lindsay

Jan Baxandall

John McNaught

Luca Bassi

Amanda Grady

Menno Verburg

Moira Downie

Rebecca Choi

Richard Castro

Sally Wilde

Suzie Eggins

Suzie MacKenzie

Terry Henderson

Tony Pinner

Vanessa Bathgate

Billy Andrew