Angela Heidemann

Although I left Germany in 1994, Germany will never leave me entirely. A trace of an accent stubbornly remains, I still love rye bread and shop at Lidl occasionally.

But I would not want to go back. I’ve fallen in love with Scotland. I like the sky that is never the same, the people, the language, the sea. I like Burns, although I don’t understand every word. I even like haggis. Irn Bru is where I draw the line.

My educational background is as mixed as my cultural one. I started out as a linguist and now I am a painter and printmaker. Art and language – neighbouring countries.

I have been working as an artist, illustrator, teacher, and educational author.

My work is mainly figurative. I am more interested in expressive potential than in literal representation and I value emotional truth over realism.

As a printmaker, I give myself the freedom to draw and enjoy the whimsical and expressive qualities of my subjects.