WW100 Project

Highland Print Studio, along with four other Scottish print studio’s are working in collaboration with the Glasgow-based design collective, Lateral North on this WW100 project funded by the Scottish Commemorations Panel. The project involves each studio working with 20 young people, to help them create their own original print inspired by a significant story or memory from World War 1. Lateral North devised a sculptural installation consisting of a series of plinths set out in the shape of the map of Scotland. The printing blocks used to produce the artwork would top each plinth and have one of the stories embedded into them using augmented reality. 100 Students will produce 100 prints to mark the 100 years since the war ended.

Our Studio Manager, John McNaught, is working with 10 pupils from Inverness High School and also 10 from Cromarty Youth Café, setting up a portable printmaking studio in Cromarty Town Hall. Over several weekly sessions, the students are learning how to create their own copper plate etchings, illustrating their particular story. Once the plates are etched and a limited edition of five prints, their plates will then be inked up and left to dry. They will then be inlayed into a piece of woodcut plywood and their stories screenprinted over the entire surface of wood and copper.

Once all 100 prints are editioned, each studio then had 1 from the edition made into a book. Five books representing the five studios and five areas of Scotland. The books will be hand bound by John and Jan here at Highland Print Studio.

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