We don’t do these. Giclée is a fancy French term for inkjet, so these prints are basically a photo or scan of an original work – usually a painting or drawing – which has been multiple printed onto fine paper using an inkjet printer. These prints are then ‘editioned’ – signed and numbered by the artist in ‘limited’ amounts, although this can be as high as 500. They are then sold as ‘limited edition prints’ and even occasionally incorrectly labelled as ‘original’ prints. Often they are sold at a similar price to original prints, despite having none of the hands-on artistic input that you would expect in a work of art. Essentially they are poster reproductions on good quality paper and as such have very little future value – unlike true original artists prints.

So that’s why we don’t do these.

However we can save you some money and tell you how to make your very own exquisite Giclée print!

All you need to do is get yourself some art to photograph. You can even use a photo of some art because it’s not going to make any difference to the value. Libraries are good sources for this and if you choose an artist that’s been dead for a very long time… you don’t have to worry about copyright!

Once you’ve taken your photo, load it onto your computer and print it out using your ‘giclée’ printer onto some nice quality paper. Then, simply frame and hang.

Other types of Giclée prints include, for example, a letter or a Council Tax Bill (see above). This is a particularly good one to invest in because, at least with this Giclée print, you get your bins emptied for a year. Perhaps you could try striking the same deal with other Giclée print suppliers.