Christine Morrison

My practice is based on a need to be out in the natural environment, either on land or sea. Primarily I make work by researching data and information relevant to a specific location and from a personal / emotional response to place. I strive to avoid referencing the romantic, idealistic or sublime notion of landscape. Viewing data of natural phenomena facilitates my entry into the landscape. I research data relevant to hours of daylight, wind patterns, times and heights of tides; patterns and rhythms emerge from this information, which in turn, formulate ideas for re-presentation of the ephemeral and the unseen in a visual way.

This re-presentation can be through the medium of sculpture, video, drawing, printmaking, unique books or as a site-specific temporary installation, made directly within the landscape. I utilise found and naturally occurring objects, these installations will often be ephemeral and temporary, with the documentation being the only trace of the work.