Heather Wilson

I graduated in Fine Art, printmaking, in 1984. I had mainly concentrated on etching and linocut as a print medium. I was later commissioned to print a few hundred Thomas Bewick wood engraving blocks for Newcastle Central Library archive. I was at the time by chance, offered some wood engraving tools and wood, and started to teach myself wood engraving. This became my preferred medium for printmaking, and I have enjoyed experimenting with it to a certain extent. Printmaking for me has an appeal because it is so unpredictable. It is like drawing blind in some ways, you never quite know what the image will look like until it is printed and final.

One mistake and it can be disastrous. It is a balance between a measured approach, and a letting it happen attitude.

Now I am now making prints using monoprint and woodcut combined as I like to work a bit bigger and can experiment more with inks and overprinting areas. My subject matter has also changed, and I am working more with landscape as opposed to figures, or buildings.

That may change again. To keep doing the same thing, for me, is not an option.

‘Heather’s personality exemplifies her creative process, energetic and beautiful. Her work demonstrates the experiences of an intellectual soul. Heather’s previous travels in her young life show through in expression of color and texture. Her ability to combine paint and collage materials are fearless. I was in awe of her work and talent.’

Santiago, K.  American Mixed Media Artist and Writer ‘Collaborating with Strangers-Inspiration from the Unknown’. 2010.