Another Lockdown Linocut 3/3

There is a reminder of the art of letter writing in this final episode, as I cut and print the final two colours of the reduction cut print. Linocut is a slow way to write a letter, unlikely to challenge digital technology, and it has to be cut back to front. But it keeps me happy.


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  1. Hi John
    I enjoyed that – and seeing the new registration system working so well.
    The camera work was fantastic and complemented your great cutting skills.
    (I am presuming that wasn’t you on the guitar, but the music was well-suited to the mood.)
    Good luck with the re-opening of the studio.

    1. Thanks Derek, kind words. I’m afraid I have no musical skills at all, so can’t claim credit for guitar.

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  2. Morning John
    Great wee films – and I think I finally understand the mystery of reduction lino cutting -and look forward to actually doing it when the studio reopens —
    Can we have a look again at the final print ?
    Your cuticles are looking much better . That’s a relief.

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      Hi Mandy, Thanks for your comments, I am delighted the penny has started to drop…
      Not sure about my cuticles, I feel I am watching them deteriorate over these films. Maybe it is leprosy. I can send you an image of the print.
      Studio hoping to open soon, so hopefully see you in there.

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