Lockdown Linocut 4/4

It has been so difficult to prevent spoilers getting out before this big finale. But here it is at last, the big reveal.

The technique in this final part is unusual. Maybe through laziness, I am not cutting away everything I don’t need. Instead, there is final cutting on the figure, and local inking of the figure with a small roller. Yes, this could be seen as being bone idle, but it also gives a look or feel to the final image. It is interesting (moderately) that even though the roller marks overlap, the dominant white outline of the figure keeps the image reading well.

Well done for persevering to the end, a remarkable display of Scottish stoicism and Presbyterianism. If this wasn’t enough punishment, I might do a follow up soon, although you may have to subscribe to Netflix for that.


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  1. Well worthy of a Netflix debut John. One of the best instruction videos I have seen. Perhaps a sequel………..”Out of the lockdown and into solagraph “ (few more episodes maybe ). Looking forward to HPS re opening.

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  2. Thanks, John (& Co)
    I was looking for a cure for my insomnia and was pleasantly surprised to find part four on line. This has been a great production and I look forward to the next. What will it be about? Until I know, this – and the unfortunate mention of the state of Scottish football – means I may never sleep again. (What’s going to happen to Marcus? Do we know? Will we be told?)

    1. Glad to be of service to your sleep issues, Derek. Next one takes the form of a letter. Coming along soon. Marcus who?

  3. Looking forward to be let loose on lino-cut again after your videos – they were great. It’s made it much clearer – realise now though that I just wasnt listening when you explained it originally! So what’s new?


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