Roos Dijkhuizen

Roos Dijkhuizen graduated with a Printmaking degree in 2011. She continues to produce works that convey a researching of ecosystems and how through our interpretations of sensory experience these environments can be imagined in a balancing of fact and fantasy. Roos creates imagery and objects that reference instigators or festering of energies to highlight variables of nature such as chance, limit, chaos, sequence, interference, association and illusion. She finds it interesting to reflect on scientific research as a rationalisation of whats around us, while gathering first hand information through photography, video, drawing, workshops, as well as collaborations with people from a range of interests to provide other sides of perspective and skill.

Roos studied at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, and then became part of The Pipe Factory studio and gallery space in Glasgow 2011-2014. She has exhibited in Glasgow International Festival 2012/2014, Edinburgh Science Festival 2015 and ran workshops from GoMA, Market Gallery, Peacock Visual Arts and Glasgow School of Art. Roos is currently living and working from Inverness where she has been studio assistant at The Highland Print Studio and is now working on a commission for An Lanntair in Stornoway.