Students creating art.

Engage Scotland ART Evolution

Highland Print Studio is delighted to have received funding from Engage Scotland’s ART Evolution project. HPS is one of three organisations across Scotland to be participating in the programme, which is funded by the Fleming Collection and Creative Scotland. Highland Print Studio, in collaboration with the University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for Health Sciences, will work with three ...
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The studio will be closed over the holiday period from Thursday 23rd December 2021 opening again Tuesday 4th January 2022.

New Print Stock

Very exciting to see some lovely prints by Laura Boswell, Gillian Murray and Kelly Stewart arriving at the studio. Currently being prepared for the browsers – watch out for the new web site where you will find them in all their glory!

Person creating prints with headphones on

Fabric Lenny: Here and Now

Fabric Lenny comes up to sign the 1300 screenprints we’ve produced for the participants of his project, Here and Now in collaboration with Future Arts Centres. 1.5 pencils worth of writing.

Highland Print Studio: Shapechangers

Throughout November 2023, a remarkable series of temporary outdoor artworks created by young people was unveiled along the National Cycle Network in Scotland. ‘ShapeChangers’ aimed to empower young people and inspire residents of Glasgow, Alloa, Greenock and Inverness to explore their local areas by walking, wheeling, and cycling on the National Cycle Network. This was how Sustrans Scotland introduced their ...
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This year’s 2020 prints are winging their way to Hot Bed Press for the big sort! Looking forward to seeing what exciting boxes come back in December. We’ll be hosting the print exchange exhibition again next year and it not too early to start thinking about taking part in next year’s print exchange!

Me and ImPotent II: Knitting an Amazing Story

The idea behind ImpPotent was to create a one-off special edition of the Hillman Imp, with artists working on accessories and features for the car. In total there were sixteen commissioned pieces including an Ashtray Temple by David Mach and my own Instruction Manual. David’s ashtray reflected his work of the time in miniature by constructing a temple from Corgi …

Another Lockdown Linocut 1/3

Here we go again with a new series of films. Since the last videos my life has been a whistle stop tour of interviews and media interest, reaching way beyond the small world of printmaking. Netflix, Disney Pixar and Warner Bros have all been in contact. A Mr Weinstein has been very persistent. He says he can’t meet just now, …

That See-through Stuff

Reducing Medium, Extender Base, Tinting Medium. All names for That See-through Stuff, a transparent ink which can be added to other colours. Experience in the studio shows that people have a bit of trepidation about using it and getting to know what it can do. It can be a wee bit tricky to guess or judge its effect, but it …

Lockdown Linocut 2/4

After the tense ending of the first episode, many will be asking: ‘What happens next?’ A bit like a lesser version of Who killed JR? Well, in this episode, all is revealed. Understanding reduction cutting can be difficult, so hopefully it is demystified here. All of the cutting in this film is what I want to stay the first colour …

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