Mirror Images

Mirror Images is a collaboration of international printmaking led by Connections North: featuring three identical ‘mirror’ exhibitions presenting new work by forty printmakers from four countries, with Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre. Jyvaskyla, Finland, Algarden Printmaking Centre: Boras, West Sweden and Highland Print Studio: Inverness, Scotland.

Working on a theme ‘A Sense of Place’, artists representing the Highland Print Studio created artworks for this international project. The prints where on display at the Highland Print Studio during July 2015, and all of the prints including participants from North Yorkshire, Finland, and Sweden where displayed October –  November at Caithness Horizons in Thurso.

The nine artists involved in this project included: Bronwen Sleigh, Joanne Kaar, John McNaught, Katy Spong, Christine Morrison, Ivy Mvula-Berry, Alison McMenemy, Roos Dijkhuizen and Sue Jane Taylor.