Below Another Sky

Below another sky is the first collaborative programme developed by the Scottish Print Network, a partnership between Dundee Contemporary Arts, Edinburgh Printmakers, Glasgow Print Studio, Highland Print Studio, Inverness and Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen. Find out more about this programme by visiting:

10 artists from Scotland and 10 from Commonwealth countries were invited to undertake research residencies during 2013 and 2014. Artists from Scotland are travelling to Antigua, Canada, India, Malawi and New Zealand; artists from Australia, Canada, India and Pakistan will be on residency in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

Each artist is working with one of the five print studios on the development of ambitious and innovative new work in print, taking full advantage of the excellent range of resources, equipment and expertise available through each organisation.

The artists who are working with Highland Print Studio are:

Sarnath Banerjee

Sarnath is a graphic novelist and visual artist based in New Delhi and Berlin. His graphic novels, such as ‘Corridor’ (2004) and ‘Harappa Files’ (2011), take life in contemporary Indian cities as their subject matter. Focusing upon universal and everyday themes, communicated in a bold graphic style, Banerjee draws upon his own experience and develops narratives that are immediately engaging and humorous. He has said that through the medium of the graphic novel he is able to ‘open up the city’ and to reveal aspects of its nature that might otherwise be overlooked.

To date Banerjee has worked primarily in India’s largest and most densely populated cities. In contrast to this experience, Below another sky has invited the artist to work in Inverness, Scotland’s newest and smallest city, often referred to as the ‘capital of the Highlands’. Banerjee spent two weeks in Inverness in June 2013 to explore the city and discover the legends, stories and characters known only to those who live there. Working with the Highland Print Studio, he also experimented with both lithography and screen-printing. The artist will return to Inverness later this year to continue to develop new work in print.

Sarnath Banerjee (Born Kolkota, India, 1972) lives and works in New Delhi and Berlin. To date he has published three graphic novels and runs the publishing house ‘Phantomville’. He also works in film and recent solo exhibitions include ‘History is Written by Garment Exporters’, CCA, Glasgow, and ‘Barwa Khiladi’, Project 88, Mumbai (both 2012). In the same year he was commissioned by Frieze Projects East to develop graphic illustrations presented across billboards, posters, local newspapers and hoardings throughout London’s Olympic boroughs. The project, entitled ‘Gallery of Losers (Non-Performers, Almost-Winners, Under-Achievers, Almost-Made-Its), depicted Banerjee’s ‘own failed forays into amateur sports, alongside better-known partial successes in Olympic history.’

Elizabeth Ogilvie

Elizabeth Ogilvie is known for her contemplative and compelling installations that combine film, architecture and science in immersive environments. Her subject matter is water and, more recently, ice. The artist’s primary concerns, however, are not only with the politics of climate change, but also with the sheer physical and emotional command of the element itself.

Ogilvie’s residency has enabled her to film in the Davis Straits and Baffin Sea off the Canadian territory of Nunavut and northwest Greenland. All of the ice floes from the Ilulissat Icefjord in northwest Greenland (on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 2004) pass through these waters en route to the north Atlantic and the area is renowned for its spectacular icebergs. This unique phenomenon has been studied for over 250 years and has informed our understanding of icecap glaciology and climate change.

Ogilvie has been researching ice for five years now and has also studied the Inuit’s relationship to ice through visits she has made to northwest Greenland. This residency will enable her to observe, film and photograph ice in various forms and to consider the cultural resonance of ice within the Arctic. The body of work she is developing will be shown in a major exhibition of the artist’s work at P3, London, in 2014. With Highland Print Studio Ogilvie will produce an experimental series of prints through collaborating with ice itself which will generate stunning records of its melting. Elizabeth Ogilvie (born Aberdeen, 1946) lives and works in Fife. She has exhibited widely throughout the UK and internationally: recent solo shows have been presented in London, Dundee, Glasgow and Osaka.